Working Together, Brining You The Freshest

March 19th, S.F. Express, along with the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, launched a promotion, “Alaska Seafood Sales Week” in Beijing. For sales of Alaska seafood, S.F. Express uses an “Internet Plus” combined with community store model to help bring the delicacies to consumer’s dining tables. In the past, Alaska seafood, especially high-end seafood, could only be seen in a few places, like 5-star hotels. As consumers improve their qualityof life, Alaska seafood will continue to occupy a greater share of the market.

The person in charge of S.F. Express optimization commented that as consumers continue to make upgrades to product purchases, how to deliver the best quality and service to consumers remains the core competitiveness of enterprises.

S.F. Express is focused on the quality of imported goods, and for every shipment of imported goods, a full quality inspection will be conducted, and through cold chain storage and logistics, provide security and product freshness to consumer’s tables. At present, S.F. Express services 203 major cities in China helping to deliver the freshest goods. At the same time, it continues to improve its fresh service to communities. It will provide customers with face-to-face interaction, door-to-door deliveries, and after-sales service to meet the needs of those in the community.