Trade Gathering in Zhanjiang and Maoming


For years, ASMI’s promotions were focused on first-tier cities. Recently, demand for imported seafood has grown in numbers, this led to an increased demand for Alaska seafood in other emerging cities. As a result, ASMI China have decided to expand the domestic market for Alaska seafood. In the mornings of October 15 and 16, 2015, two trade gatherings took place at Zhanjiang and Maoming in Guangdong. A combined 48 local importers, distributors and wholesalers participated in the gathering. At the gathering, the characteristics of Alaska seafood were introduced. Alaska seafood was used in the preparation of the receptions, which include Pacific cod, black cod, pollock and salmon roe, snow crab legs, yellowfin sole, etc. The trader gatherings have successfully increased recognition for Alaska Seafood. After the gathering, many traders showed great interest in Alaska seafood and hoped to bring them into Zhanjiang and Maoming as soon as possible. These two trader gatherings were not only the first time Alaska seafood was promoted in these second/third-tier cities, but they signal the beginning of more of such markets being explored in the future.

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