Tmall Offline VIP Event

Following the Alibaba’s “Gateway 17” in Detroit on June 20, an O2O promotion was launched in Shenzhen under the collaboration between ASMI China, Alibaba and local Alaska seafood traders on July 1, 2017 to further increase sales of Alaska seafood products. The promotion was a combination of online sales and offline interaction with consumers, with offline activity included chef cooking demo, free tasting, games, POS distribution as well as lucky draw. Also, various Alaska seafood products were showcased onsite.  Consumers participated in our offline interactive activities and purchased products online. The online sales promotion was carried out on from June 30 through July 5, where  deep-processed and ready-to-eat products such as Alaska pollock hamburger, pollock nugget, as well as black cod, Pacific cod, yellowfin sole,  snow crab, king crab, halibut, sea cucumber, and pollock roe were highlighted.  Special recipe books and magnets were distributed to those who order Alaska seafood.