Steamed bean curd rolls with Alaska pacific cod

Alaska pacific cod —- 100g
Shepherd’s purse —- 80g
Bean curd sheets —– some
Salt —– 3g
Sesame oil —– 10ml
Chicken soup —- 1000ml

1. Mince Alaska Pacific cod; boil shepherd’s purse with hot water and then chop into small pieces; cut bean curd sheet to the size of 10*10cm.
2. Combine minced Alaska Pacific cod and chopped shepherd’s purse to make filling, reserve. Season the reserved filling with salt and sesame oil; wrap the filling into bean curd sheets.
3. Boil the bean curd roll in chicken soup until cooked; put the roll on a platter; then pour chicken soup into the platter.

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes