Start Learning How to Cook, with Alaska Seafood 

Shanghai New Oriental Culinary School launched its one-week Alaska seafood training course from September 4th to 8th, 2017. More than 300 students from 10 classes participated in this training, which started with a class on Western cuisine, and this was the first time that the students have dealt with Alaska seafood. The teachers introduced Alaska seafood in detail, and mentioned that if no matter how good the ingredients are, if they cannot be properly used by a chef, the dishes won’t satisfy his guests. In practice session, students were divided into groups and cooked together. After that, their works were graded and commented on. Through this activity, the students have gained considerable knowledge on Alaska seafood, as well as a comprehensive idea about how to cook Alaska seafood. They also learned how to better work as a team and gained a more profound goal towards their cooking careers.