Spicy griddle-cooked Alaska Pacific cod head

Alaska pacific cod head —– half head
Lotus root — 400g
Soybean paste made in Pi County —– 40g
Dried red pepper —- 30g
Scallion in one inch pieces—- 30g
Ginger slice —- 30g
Garlic —- 50g
Sugar —- 15g
Light soy sauce — 15ml
Starch —- some

1. Wash cod head and then drain water; peel the lotus root and then dice them; chop dried red pepper into half-inch pieces for later use.
2. Coat the cod head with cornstarch and deep fry in the wok; take out the head; put diced lotus roots into the wok and fry until cooked; then take them out from the wok.
3. Stir fry scallion pieces, ginger slice with garlic; add soy bean paste and sugar; add fried cod head and lotus root; stir-fry with soy sauce; then take out and put on the plate.
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 35 minutes