Seafood EXPO in Qingdao

ASMI China attended the 2014 China Fisheries and Seafood EXPO in Qingdao, as the largest seafood show in China, and we believe that this trade show can certainly help us to tighten the business relationships with existed customers and make connections to the new ones. There are 2,060 companies and associations attended the tradeshow this year and the foreign parties counted a decent percentage among all. Attended visitors included buyers, retailers, distributors, HRI sector purchase managers, executive chefs, and some prestigious buyers from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and from the Asia-Pacific region as well. The trade show generated 22 leads and some of them have the strong interests on running Alaska seafood in the near future. By attending the 2014 Qingdao Seafood EXPO, ASMI China certainly consolidates and strengthens the business relationship with the current and new traders and maximizes the media exposure in front of the general public.