Menu Promotion with Happy Fine in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong has a renowned food scene and a well-developed market for international seafood. Consumers in Hong Kong are well-educated on their seafood and demand for high quality and rare species of seafood is also high. In order to better introduce Alaska seafood and the different species of seafood from Alaska to the local consumers, ASMI and Happy Fine Food’s Kee Hing Restaurant together organized a menu promotion starting from April 7 to June 20, 2014 at its 3 outlets located in Hong Kong. Restaurants under Happy Fine Food, 4 in total, of which includes Kee Hing Restaurant, generate approximately HKD 5 million in monthly turnover, and seafood constitutes 20% of their restaurants’ menu. During the promotion, Alaska king crab and black cod were featured in the Kee Hing’s special menu. Special POS materials like posters, pull-up banners, flyers and menu cards were developed and produced for decoration. In addition, an full-page advertisement space was purchased in local magazine “Weekend Weekly”.