Menu Promotion with Haoweijia and Dong Fang Hotel Guangzhou

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A frequent partner of ASMI China’s in recent years, Dong Fang Hotel has hosted several highly successful promotions and from April 1 to June 30, 2014, ASMI China has once again collaborated with the hotel in another Alaska seafood menu promotion. With featured products of Alaska yellowfin sole, cod and perch, the Alaska seafood festival was carried out at the hotel’s buffet restaurant for two months. POS materials such as large banners, menu cards, posters and table mats were designed and produced for this promotion.

In addition, ASMI chose Hao Wei Jia, a chain restaurant brand with 13 outlets located mostly in Jiangsu province (11), Chongqing (1) and in Guilin, Guangxi province (1), as a partner in promoting Alaska seafood from June 1 to June 30, 2014. Alaska black cod and Pacific cod were the featured products for Hao Wei Jia, whose cooking integrates Chinese cuisine with Western cuisine and was mainly a steak-focused establishment. The restaurant’s interest in working with ASMI China was driven by a need to meet the desire for seafood from their customers. During the promotion, POS materials like buntings, pull-up banners, menu cards and napkins were produced and were used for decoration at the 13 outlets. Press was generated for this promotion, with an advertisement placed in “Yangtze Daily”, a local newspaper, to help increase exposure of ASMI’s activity.