How Can We Be More Creative With Seafood Ingredients?

In March, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute invited renowned Japanese Chef Yanagiwara Hisano to host a two-city chef training event, aimed at bringing classic and pure Japanese cuisine to Chinese Chefs. On March 12, 13 Chef Yanagiwara Hisano spoke in Shanghai, Beijing respectively, imparting his culinary knowledge. He was born in Tokyo, into a cooking family, and has published many books.

At the Shanghai event at the Okura Garden Hotel, more than 80 dining elites gathered for a delicious meal. He began by introducing the background of all the ingredients, including Alaska Sockeye Salmon, Cod, Snow Crab and Pollock Roe, and then preparing several wonderful dishes, showcasing his culinary skill. Everyone agreed that the taste and creativity of the dishes were outstanding. The following day, Chef Yanagiwara Hisano arrived at the Hotel New Otani Chang Fu Gong in Beijing, putting on another fantastic demonstration to an engaged crowd of roughly 80 attendees.

After the seminars, Mr. Yanagiwara Hisano said that he thought much about the events, and hoped to continue impacting seafood cuisine and delivering new experience for people’s taste buds.