Enjoy Alaska Pollock Mooncake at Mid-Autumn Festival

The meat-stuffed mooncake of Laodafang is the childhood memory of many Shanghaines. Laodafang, who is well-known for its traditional snacks, has been eager to develop new products, thus ASMI China recently cooperated with Laodafang to develop and launch a new product – Alaska Pollock moon cake, mixing traditional flavor with Alaska pollock, a key product from the high-nutrition Alaska seafood lineup. The Alaska pollock mooncake is available at 30 outlet of Laodafang in Shanghai and 69 outlets of Carrefour across East China, where Laodafang has established special sales counters. From September 9th to October 10th, you will be able to enjoy the unique flavor of the Alaska pollock mooncake and make your Mid-Autumn festival this year a little bit different.