RFM Cetification

The Alaska RFM Chain of Custody Application Process


Stakeholders in the Alaska seafood fisheries value chain can apply for RFM Chain of Custody certification. Seafood handlers wishing to supply products bearing a certification claim will need to complete an application form to evaluate if they need to comply with the Chain of Custody Standard.

This Chain of Custody certification will verify that participating seafood handlers can demonstrate effective traceability and have systems in place to ensure that the certified seafood product is not mixed with non-certified seafood.


The Application and Certification Process has a number of distinct stages:

(this process takes from 1-3 months)


Stage 1: The potential Applicant can request information on the Chain of Custody Standard from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute and/or the Certification Body. Approved certifiers can be found here:



Stage 2: If the potential Applicant wishes to progress to certification they will need to complete an official application form which can be provided by the Certification Body. A single organization or a group organization can apply.


Stage 3: The Applicant’s application form is assessed by the Certification Body and an Assessment plan is created on how the Applicant will gain certification to the Chain of Custody Standard.


Stage 4: If the Applicant agrees to the assessment plan an audit by an Approved Assessor will be conducted. Audits can take 1-3 months to schedule depending on auditor’s schedule and time of year.


Stage 5: During the audit the assessor will compile an Assessment report of how the Applicant does or does not meet the Chain of Custody Standard.


Stage 6: The assessment report will be submitted to the Certification Body’s Certification Committee for a Certification Decision.


Stage 7: When the certification of the Applicant is confirmed the Certification Body will issue a Chain of Custody Certificate to the Applicant. The certificate is valid for 3 years with annual re-assessments.


Stage 8: The certified Applicant will be sent a Certified Seal Agreement from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute for the right to use the Certified Seal or Statement


For additional information please visit the ASMI website at: http://www.alaskaseafood.org/, or contact:

Susan Marks

ASMI Sustainability Director