Consumer Tasting Showcase Event- Sharing food together with joy

ASMI China has been dedicated to direct communications with consumers for years. This time, ASMI China joined hands with Betty’s kitchen to hold three consumer club activities in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou in January and February.

 Before the activities, due to the effectiveness of advertising on ASMI’s website and micro-blog, a great number of consumers were attracted to participate in the events. ASMI China showed strong faith in the activities as always and sponsored the events not only with seafood products which would be used in the activities, but also prepared special gifts for the participants. 

On the day of the activity, there were 40 members involved in each event this time. At each of the session, a chef was invited by ASMI to present a brief seminar on knowledge of Alaska seafood including yellow fin sole, Pacific cod, sockeye salmon and Pollock roe. After the event, the chef interacted with the attending members, holding a Q&A session for the participants. The last part of the consumer club was cooking competition. The attendees were split into a few groups to cook dishes featured with Alaska seafood, so that they could gain some in-depth knowledge of Alaska seafood. The big winner of the competition was awarded with the special prize provided by ASMI. 

ASMI is deeply convinced that delicious food is inseparable from joy; and there is happiness when there is gourmet food. ASMI believes that they can share food with consumers and pass the joy to them at the same time through consumer tasting activities.