Braised Alaska king crab with potato and green pepper in Xinjiang style

Alaska king crab leg —– 500g
Potato —– 200g
Green capsicum—- 100g
Chinese pepper —- 10g
Dried red pepper —- 10g
Chinese cinnamon —– 10g
Anise —– 10g
Turmeric powder —- 10g
Soybean paste —- 15g
Sugar —- 10g
Salt —- 3g

1. Cut Alaska king crab leg into 2-inch pieces; cut potato and green capsicum into thick slices.
2. Deep fry potato cubes until cooked; then stir-fry green capsicum.
3. Stir fry soybean paste, Chinese pepper, dried red pepper, Chinese cinnamon and anise; add turmeric powder and sugar; add Alaska king crab leg, potato cubes, red pepper and green pepper; add some water and boil for some time; add salt to increase the flavor of the dish.

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 25 minutes