ASMI Trader Gathering in Fuzhou

Fuzhou is the capital city of Fujian Province. As a coastal city in southeast China, Fuzhou has an abundance of seafood with a prosperous seafood market. Thus, a large number of seafood vendors are located in Fuzhou. Following the chef seminar held in Fuzhou in March, a trader gathering was organized in Fuzhou as well, aiming to establish primary relations with Fuzhou seafood vendors and to pave way for future promotions. 

In the evening of June 8th 2012, a trader gathering was held at Fuzhou Shangri-La Hotel and approximately 70 vendors attended the event. This trader gathering was in cooperation with Fujian Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association (Fujian APPMA) and the Agricultural Trade Office of US Consulate Guangzhou (ATO Guangzhou). At the beginning, representatives from ATO Guangzhou, Fujian APPMA and ASMI China made a presentation to the attendees, briefing them of Alaska seafood characteristics and ASMI China’ missions. Then, dishes featured with Alaska seafood were served to the attendees so that they could have a direct understanding of Alaska seafood products. At the end of the trader gathering, ASMI collateral materials were distributed to each attendee.