ASMI Trader Gathering in Beijing

On April 11th, 2012, the annual ASMI trader gathering was held at U-Town Crowne Plaza in Beijing and there were over 50 traders participating in the event. Apart from the traders who have stayed in close connections with ASMI for nearly ten years, there were also a lot of new seafood traders were invited to the gathering as well. Mr. Ryan R. Scott, Agricultural Attach and Mr. Wu Xinping from FAO, as well as Ms. Angie Han from ATO Beijing were present at the event. 

During the reception, dishes featured with Alaska seafood were served to the traders, which highlighted the theme of the gathering. Alaska yellowfin sole and rock sole were recommended to the traders as new seafood items. Moreover, representatives from ASMI China had some in-depth discussions with the traders, which could strengthen the relations between two parties.