ASMI joined the Promotion at Hisense in Qingdao

The American Food Festival is an annual event held by the ATO office. With ATO Beijing’s plan to conduct the Festival with Hisense Supercenter on December 14-31, 2013, ASMI joined in-store promotion in Qingdao. During the promotional period, shop members can use their credits to shop in the supermarkets which further boost sales. Customers were offered a variety of Alaska seafood such as snow crab, black cod and Pacific cod. A special flyer in coupled with the promotion was developed and distributed to the shop members in advance, and the ASMI logo was featured. Also, a kick-off ceremony was held to increase the influence of the promotion at the first day of the promotion. Moreover, ASMI produced and provided POS materials like posters, buntings and table tents and counter cards for the decoration of the promotion.