ASMI Join Great American BBQ & Blues Promotion Series





From April 18-27, 2014, ATO Shanghai organized a “Great American BBQ & Blues Menu Promotion Series” in East China. ASMI China was actively involved in the promotion, with yellowfin sole and black cod being the featured products. On March 20, a press conference was conducted at Stubbs Restaurant to launch the event. 30 media which includes main stream lifestyle media and food industry-related media both on and offline from Shanghai were invited to the press conference. As a sponsor of the event, ASMI’s logo was visible on the backdrop of the press conference and the series of the following events including the media event in Suzhou, and menu promotion at Crown Plaza Hotel in Suzhou and House of Blues and Jazz in Shanghai.

ASMI China has been operating its Chinese language website, separated into Trade and Consumer sectors, for over a decade. It provides an effective way of accessing information with regards to Alaska seafood, including comprehensive background information, special recipes, promotional activities, local supplier information etc. ASMI China’s website has continued to update its portal on a monthly basis, in order to keep traders up to speed with on-going events and the latest information regarding Alaskan seafood in the Chinese market.