ASMI Annual Trade Dinner in Dalian

As an annual event, ASMI trade dinner reception was hosted at New World Dalian on November 5, 2013. 250 seafood traders from Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Dalian, Qingdao and Hong Kong participated in the event. The reception began with Roger from ASMI China as the host. A video prepared by ASMI China was played. Mr. Scott Weinhold, and Mr. Philip Jarrell made a welcoming respectively. Ms. Alexa Tonkovich, ASMI International Program Director was also part of the guest speakers of the evening.

Alaska Sockeye Salmon, Black Cod, King Crab, Yellowfin Sole, Pacific Cod, and Pollock roe were highlighted for the dinner reception. Moreover, a special performance- sand painting created a storyline of Alaska seafood and China drawn on sand. After the performance, the annual lucky prize draw began. Business cards collected at check in were thrown in a lottery box and drawn out, and prizes such as hotel vouchers were given to the lucky guests. Guests were then left to enjoy their dinner as the event comes to a close.