Alaska Seafood Promotion at ParkNShop in Hong Kong

PARKnSHOP, established by Hutchison Whampoa Group in Hong Kong in 1973, is the leading supermarket chain in Hong Kong. It offers the best value for money, the widest product choice, freshness & safety and tailored stores to meet the variety needs of different customer segments. Today PARKnSHOP owns more than 260 stores in Hong Kong, Macao and mainland China.

ASMI worked with PARKnSHOP for the first time and conducted a round of promotion activities in Hong Kong. The promotion was from May 25th to June 16th, 2012.Altogether, 6 outlets joined the promotion. During the promotion, various Alaska seafood products including Alaska arrow tooth flounder, Res sole and Pink salmon were advertised. Special DM was produced with ASMI’s logo on it to attract more consumers. And, all the stores were decorated with special POS materials such as posters and pull-ups. Moreover, promoters and product sampling were arranged at each store. Alaska recipe booklets were also distributed to consumers who purchased Alaska seafood.