Alaska Seafood – Natural, Pure, Delicious

On March 6, 2018, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Association (ASMI) held a media luncheon at the Grand Hyatt Hangzhou, attracting more than 20 local media outlets. Jane Yao from ASMI commented that “with continued efforts to maintain and develop the Alaska seafood industry, Alaska seafood has gained more and more popularity among consumers.” Alaska seafood grows in icy-cold waters, becoming the preferred ingredient for dining tables around the world.

Alaska seafood is not only nutritious, but delicious and easy to prepare. Its delicate meat is full of nutrition, and when paired with Chinese ingredients and cooking techniques – regardless if it’s fried, steamed or even barbecued, will deliver a delicious and healthy meal. Presently, Alaska seafood is available in hotels, restaurants and large supermarkets across the country. When tasting Alaska seafood it’s easy to see the effects of global trade.