Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s Gathering in Dalian

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute's Gathering in Dalian

On May 22, 2006, ASMI held a gathering at the Furama Hotel in Dalian.? 70 people were invited. Guests included local traders, supermarket purchasers, chefs, and journalists.

Alaska salmon, king crab, snow crab, black cod, and halibut were put on display attracting the attention of all participants. In addition, the gathering received mass media coverage. ASMI played informative videos and handed out POS materials giving visitors a better understanding of high-quality Alaska seafood. Representatives from ASMI also gave splendid presentations, all of which created more interest in Alaska seafood and impressed every guest present.

Through the gathering, Alaska seafood won the favor of even more consumers. The event provided people with a great opportunity to taste wild and natural seafood from Alaska.