Alaska Seafood at CHINA FISHERY EXPO

As the largest fishery expo in Asia, China Fishery Expo has won the attention of seafood traders, home and abroad. It is the positive platform that offers the traders a great opportunity to link each other and spur the trading business.

China Fishery Expo 2013 lasted for 3 days from Nov. 5th, 2013 to Nov. 7th, 2013. As the large scale in history, China Fishery Expo 2013 attracted hundreds of thousands of traders from 46 countries and more than 200 thousands visitors. Following last year’s successful experience, ASMI China once again attended the China Fishery Expo and set a stable and firm bridge between ASMI China and global traders aiming to achieve win-win situation in future. Meanwhile on Nov. 5th, 2013, ASMI China held an impressive trader dinner reception with more than 240 attendees, home and abroad. Excited and impressive as all the attendees were by the exquisitely-designed Alaskan seafood recipes and well-prepared show.