A Trade Gathering Held in Beijing

A Trade Gathering event was held in Beijing on August 22nd, with more than 40 traders invited. This is the 20th year that ASMI has launched promotions in mainland China and Hong Kong. During the 20 years, ASMI China has brought more and more species of Alaska seafood into Chinese market and strived to enhance the awareness of Chinese traders and consumers on natural, healthy, wild and high-quality Alaska seafood so as to promote the sales of Alaska seafood in the Chinese market. In this trade gathering, many seafood traders motioned that the demand for Alaska seafood is still growing, and the import of Alaska seafood has also increased. A seafood dinner reception was prepared for the attendees, and the Alaska seafood dishes developed were also received compliment. Attendees expressed that this event was meaningful, through which they not only got more knowledge about Alaska seafood but also were able to meet with more seafood traders.