Hangzhou Chef Competition – Alaska Seafood Answers The Call

Every year, an Alaska Seafood chef completion is held by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI). This year, the city of Hangzhou was selected, home to the famous West Lake. Forty seasoned chefs from hotels were invited to participate in the event. All of the featured Alaska seafood for the event was provided free of charge by ASMI, and included pollock, pollock roe and Yellowfin sole, from the pure, icy, cold waters of Alaska. The competition allowed chefs who had never worked with Alaska seafood to gain a deep understanding and appreciation of the ingredients. Alaska seafood is 100% pure and comes from a pollution-free environment, going beyond the quality of products from other parts of the world. The harvesting and fishing of Alaska seafood is strictly controlled and monitored, so concerns of shortages are minimal. The Alaska government has adopted sustainable development so that the seafood is available for many generations to come.